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Chris Brann

1997 Deep Fall

2001 No Room For Form - Volume 01

Wamdue Project

1996 Resource Toolbook Volume One

1998 Program Yourself

1999 Best Of

1999 Compendium

Ananda Project

2000 Release

2001 Re-Release

2003 Morning Light

2005 Relight

2007 Fire Flower

2008 Night Blossom

Wamdue Kids

All are collaborations with Deep C and Chris Udoh

1996 These Branching Moments

1996 Wamdue Works


1999 Compressed Light

2001 De'compressed

2003 Staring At The Sun


Chris Brann

1995 "Detroit vs. Atlanta"

1997 "Smuthullet EP"

1999 "No Room For Form"

2001 "So In Love EP"

2003 "No Room For Form EP"

2004 "Journey To The Centre"

Wamdue Project

1996 "Breakdown/In Love With You"

1996 "Get High On The Music"

1996 "The Deep EP"

1997 "King of My Castle", with Gaelle Addison

1998 "Program Yourself EP"

1998 "Where Do We Go"

1998 "You're The Reason", with Victoria Frigerio

2000 "King Of My Castle (2000 Remixes)", with Gaelle Addison

2004 "Home Planet"

2006 "Forgiveness" ft. Jonathan Mendelsohn

2007 "Washes Over You", with Heather Johnson

2008 "King Of My Castle (2008 Mixes)"

2010 "Paths", with Jessica Tonder

The Ananda Project

1998 "Cascades Of Colour EP", with Gaelle Addison

1999 "Cascades Of Colour", with Gaelle Addison

1999 "Straight Magic"

2000 "Cascades Of Colour 2000", with Gaelle Addison

2000 "Glory Glory", with Terrance Downs

2001 "Bahia/Expand Your Mind"

2001 "Falling For You", with Terrance Downs

2002 "Breaking Down"

2002 "Justice, Mercy"

2003 "I Hear You Dreaming", with Heather Johnson and Terrance Downs

2003 "Can You Find The Heart", with Nicola Hitchcock

2004 "Big Boat/Cascades Of Colour (Remixes)", with Terrance Downs and Gaelle Adisson

2004 "ICU"

2004 "Kiss Kiss Kiss", with Heather Johnson and Terrance Downs

2004 "Rain Down/Breaking Down", with Heather Johnson

2005 "Shouldn't Have Left Me", with Terrance Shelton

2006 "Secrets", with Marta Gazman

2006 "Suite Dreams", with Lydia Rhodes

2007 "Into the Sunrise", with Terrance Downs

2007 "Fireworks/Universal Love", with Terrance Downs and Kai Martin

2007 "Let Love Fly", with Heather Johnson

2007 "Free Me/Space And Time", with Heidi Levo

2007 "Stalk You"

2008 "Where The Music Takes You/Stay As You Are", with Kai Martin


1999 "Compressed Light EP"

2000 "No One, No How, Never"

2000 "Remixes"

2002 "Staring At The Sun", with Sylvia Gordon

2003 "Become Who You Are/Nobody Knows"

2003 "The Oldest Story", with Terrance Downs

Wamdue Kids

All are collaborations with Deep C and Chris Udoh

1995 "Higher EP"

1995 "Disaster EP"

1995 "I Will EP"

1995 "Deep Dreams EP"

1995 "This Is What I Live For"

1996 "Memory EP"

1996 "Memory and Forgetting"

1996 "Ohm"

1996 "Panic EP"

1996 "The Digital Rawhide EP"


All are collaborations with Deep C and Chris Udoh

1997 "Wambonix EP"

1997 "When You're Alone"

1999 "Deep Down"

Wam Kidz

All are collaborations with Deep C and Chris Udoh

1997 "In Love Again"

1999 "CB's Groove"

2000 "Maria"

Other aliases

2000 "Psychic Driving", as Feral

2000 "Mars Is A Giant Flat For Rent", as P'tang

2000 "Past And Future", as Santal

2001 "Be With You", as Santal, with Titus Marshall

2002 "Delilah (Be Strong 4 Me)", as Delilah, with Heather Johnson

2002 "1-2-3 Miami", as Jackass & Mule, with Tommie Sunshine

2003 "Be Strong 4 Me 2003", as Delilah, with Heather Johnson

Соберём все произведения?

У кого что есть?

И что лежит здесь.

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